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August 3, 2008
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Salior Moon Part 12 by Foxi-5 Salior Moon Part 12 by Foxi-5
You're currently viewing Part 12 of a continuing story.

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*Some days are like this*

*I see a bad moon a risin*
*I see trouble on the way*
*Don't go round tonight*
*For she's bound to take your life*
*There's a bad moon on the rise..*

Sailor Moon presses a small switch on the front of her bra, at that instant, her hair ornaments pulse in a single, soft, glowing beacon and then stop.

“What was that about?”, asks Sailor Jupiter.

“I don’t know, but thank goodness she didn’t take it off!”, says a relieved Venus.

The Zombie Queen, no longer under any immediate threat lessens the ferocity of the thrashing tendrils streaming about her. Cowering behind it’s spiny arms it unfurls them to get a better view.

Sailor Moon standing resolutely holds a sharp, silver encrusted fence post in one arm and wears a trashbin lid as shield on her left.

Sarina shifts her weight and then prances in, charging toward the creature at full stretch. Caught by surprise at her sudden turn of speed the Zombie monster desperately engages it’s protective tendrils once more. This time Sarina holds the shield over her head guarding her from the savage blows raining down from above.

*KA-CLANG! KA-CLANG! KA-CLANG!* Strike the bands. The small metal lid is battered relentlessly and buckles under the strain. Sarina, pinned in position by the onslaught tries to thrust the fence post toward the creature, but the distance away is too great.


A huge band wallops Sailor Moon from an unseen side. Her ribs are belted and she sent hurtling backwards. Tossed like a rag doll, Sarina rolls and skids out of range losing her weapons. The other scouts rush over and help, but much to their surprise, she stands up, steadies, wipes her mouth, rubs her red swollen skin and heads back over.

Sarina collects her items and then positions herself just beyond the perimeter of the monster.

The Zombie Queen now with the advantage of being able to throw bands sideways gains in confidence, it slows then stops it’s tendrils movement.

It chuckles and hisses at it’s new found talent, an ability that now puts the advantage to Zombie Queen.

Sailor Moon throws the trashbin lid wide and to the left, and then she underarm tosses the silver encrusted fence post at the creature, but it falls short by several meters.

“Oh my god what is she doing!?”, says Sailor Venus, “That’s our only weapon!”

“Is she giving up? ...”, says Sailor Mercury, “Sarina! Do you want us to help you!?”

Sailor Moon standing taut lowers herself down into a crouching, kneeling position, but her eyes stare directly at the monster, she ignores the pleading requests of her friends.

The creature knowing that the scouts have surrendered by discarding their weapons joyously sneers it’s evil teethy grin in victory. It hisses in delight because it doesn’t take prisoners. The Zombie Queen starts to wipe it’s grey tongue around in it’s mouth, anticipating the taste of these fleshy meat prizes. It then starts to slowly gyrate in movement allowing it to head over to the girls’s position, it wriggles and squirms along lifted by the bands and dead bodies beneath it. Hungrily it approaches, wishing to devour the defeated scouts as soon as it can.

Meanwhile, Sarina, kneeling low adjusts her feet, her body ripples with static tension.

“This,,, this,, isn’t over?...”, says Jupiter preparing to make an assault, “Is it?”

“Shouldn’t Tuxedo Mask be here about now!?”, worries Ami.

“MRRR! MRRR!”, says Sailor Mars under her slime blanket.

In moments that seemed like slow motion, the air and silence felt ungamely hot, humid and electrically charged.

The monstrous Zombie Queen loomed closer and closer to the vulnerable young women.

Then, Sarina engaged.

Like a tightly compressed coil her body exploded into lateral forward momentum.

She sprang outwards like a leopardess, her leg muscles thrusting her limbs down at an incredible, almost inhuman velocity. Boots gripped, stones flew and she strove to find traction as her legs fired onto the pavement like powerful ballistic canons. In cat like fluidity and animal force she sprinted directly at the monster.

The Zombie Queen taken aback at the golden, pink blur struck out reflexively with a sideways band designed to knock the scout off her feet.

Sarina leapt over it, landed and then dove for the long metal fence post just in front. In rapid acrobatic movement her hands landed first, her body continued to fly over upside down as her fingers grasped onto the pole. Momentum carried her forward and she pushed upward and somersaulted into a squatting position. Sarina landed perfectly and with coiled up energy she thrust the fence post straight into the exposed stomach of the Zombie Monster.

Erupting like a pressurized volcano, green liquid, seemingly as light as the air itself burst from the Zombie Queen’s gut. Grey flesh was punctured deep with the singeing effect of the silver, the creature squealed in dire agony. Sailor Moon stood and pushed hard against the post, ramming it further into the creature’s abdomen. The monsters long, pincer like fingers struggled to grip the smooth surface of the rod but they could not gain purchase.

The Zombie Queen thrashed in panic.

Sarina moved sideways and as she went she clutched the rod tightly using it like a lever. Twisting around, the Zombie Queen lost it’s footing and fell backwards hard. Ignoring the scout, it fumbled and fingered against the metal pole lodged inside it.

Sarina leaned over and collected a silver band necklace from the front of the pole and stretched it out.

“Now bitch. This is your colour!”, says Sarina with an acid voice. She clipped the sparkling necklace around the creature’s throat and proceeded to pull it as hard as she could.

Sarina travelled backwards and heaved upon the silver band with all of her might, the monster slid along the ground dragged behind her. Gargling and choking it now tried desperately to feel for the thin band. The fence post in the creatures stomach scraped along the bitumen as it went.


Sarina plants a mighty brass knuckled fist straight into the eye of the monster and punctures it brutally. Grey white ooze blobs out of the socket and over the creatures face, the silver necklace causing it’s body to become brittle and frail.

*THRACK!!* And the creature’s other eye is pierced open.

“ Puhh! Puhh! “ breathes the monster, it’s windpipe crushed as Sarina’s hands ruthlessly twist and tighten the necklace. Slipping along the road the hysterical monster leaves a trail of floss-like, green blood.

When much of the creatures resistance had faded, Sarina positions a boot on it’s chest and brutishly tears the pole out the front of it’s stomach. Blood and zombie entrails pour onto the ground.

“I can’t watch this!”, says Ami.

“What do you mean? It’s just like the wrestling!”, says Lita.

“On what planet!?”, says Mina.

Sarina then takes the pole and stabs it repeatedly into the creatures eye sockets and forehand, shattering skull and destroying it’s brain. A large, yellow opaque gem exits the wound and Sarina kicks it away.

“Oh this is appalling!”, says Mina

“She did it!”, Says Sailor Jupiter. “She saved us!”

Ami trying to make light of the situation begins to clap slowly and quietly, and like a positive infection the others begin to do the same, increasing in speed and volume.

Sarina stands, her back to the others. Her powerful and lean body drips in sweat while she wipes green blood and ooze from her glistening chest.

Hearing the applause she looks around and smiles at her friends, who then clap and cheer as excitedly as they could.

Sailor Jupiter, arms outstretched rushes over to hug her new super hero.

The others head over and join in.

Artemis collects the yellow gem and goes looking for Luna.

“Well that went better than I expected”, says Sarina.

Sarina’s hair jewellery flashes in another display of light.

“What’s that for?”, asks Ami curious of the odd beacon.

Sarina points over into the distance. The girls look into the direction given and see stark beams of light shoot down from the sky and pass into a large building.

“Does that mean we are getting visitors?”, asks Mina.

Ami looks through her visor, “It does appear to be the case… I hope they are friendly.”

Everyone turned to look at Sarina while she caught her breath, she swivelled her head from side to side, in the fashion that meant a universal no.

A short time later,
Clop, clop, clop down the road came the sound of someone walking with heavy industrial boots.

The girls looked up, a man wearing a green armoured spacesuit with a shielded helmet and brandishing a large rifle stopped a near distance away.

The man hefted the long gun and lowered it at the girls.

“That looks like!..”, says Sailor Jupiter.

“Un hunh. It is”, says Sarina. “But a sad ass copy.”

Sarina’s hair jewellery started to flash on and off faster and faster.

A megaphone sound could be heard, static rippled in the air and then the man said, “I am Master Chief. You are all traitors!” . He then powered up his weapon and prepared to fire.

“Yeah, well I’m Sailor Moon cock-head. And prepare to meet Oblivion!”

It caught their ears at first, with what seemed like the roar of wind and shrilling noise, Sarina smirked and pointed up into the sky. Her hair jewellery flashed in millisecond second responses.

All of the girls looked up into the sky at once.

“Hol-lee-crap!”, says Sailor Venus.

To be continued.....

Say tuner viewers for more Sailor Moon goes terminal.

(Appologies for the story, it's hard to write stuff properly lately, am on a diet that wipes me out. So going to refrain from tourturing people with boring script for a while)
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Kimberly-AJ-04-02 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013  Student General Artist
It does look like she has been turned into a Sailor Starlight who attempts to slay the zombie queen.
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sasuhinafan104 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2010
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Quicksilver1987 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010  Student General Artist
Beautiful flow! Everything is like a big swoosh that leads you exactly to where the baddie is getting hit. And the perspective is insane! Good work here!
Foxi-5 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2010
Thank you. :)
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