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June 3, 2008
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Sailor Moon Part 11 by Foxi-5 Sailor Moon Part 11 by Foxi-5
You're currently viewing Part 11 of a continuing story.

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*Sometimes a girls' gotta do what a girls' gotta do *

Thrusting the metal post forward the Zombie Queen clumsily dodged it’s striking cobra-like wrath. Sarina repeatedly plunged the silver coated shaft towards the creatures’ neck and head, like a sewing machine’s needle caught in overdrive, her back and arm muscles strained hard as she stretched at full length.

“URGHH! Take That You Cow!”, says Sailor Dark Moon, “And that! And that!”

Sarina impressively kept the creature travelling backward and on the defensive. The Zombie Queen as an undead monster was effectively blinded by the silver and could only shield itself from the onslaught. With panic and great difficulty it tried to mount a counterstrike.

Connected to the monster all of it’s tendrils started to flick and whip into the air. The creature to protect itself raised its many spiky arms and hid behind them.


An unseen tendril struck hard onto Sarina’s exposed back, its’ singeing bite tore into her shoulder and spine. Like a venomous jellyfish sting Sarina winced in lacerated agony.

“Unnnh! You whore!”, spat Sailor Dark Moon adjusting her attacking strategy while part of her outfit was cut away.

*THHWAPP!!* *THHWAPP!!* went the long bands of the undead monster, Sarina sprang to the left and rolled, the Zombie Queen cowered behind her arms while the thrashing lines struck as fast and as randomly as it could make them.

The tendrils slapped and sliced viciously onto the ground. Corpse bones shattered and splintered sending their fragments flying into the air. Sarina laying on the road rolled to the right again and then to the left to avoid the striking bands, but the raining blows were too many and frequent.

Hitting her hard, the sharp, knife like cuts made Sarina’s eyes fill with water as they beat onto her flesh and clothes. Her outfit was in tatters and her bare back was emblazoned in red. Sarina retreated rolling along the street beyond the creatures range.

“We should help her!”, says Sailor Jupiter running over.
“Yes!”, says Sailor Venus.
“Let’s go!”, says Sailor Mercury.
“Mwerrp!”, *Pop*, says Sailor Mars who was still coated in grey slime.

Sarina stood up, overhearing the others and not looking back she held up a hand to say ‘Stop!’.
The scouts halted behind Sailor Jupiter.

“What is she doing?!”, says Sailor Venus.

Sarina looked over at the monster which was still protected behind it’s arms and the impossible slashing wall. She then looked down at her new black dress which was mangled and ripped beyond repair, she grabbed tightly onto one of the sleeves and held it.

Harshly she ripped at the loose clothing and tore the garment completely off. Sailor Dark Moon was now wearing only her black skirt, boots, long gloves with brass knuckles and a black silky bra.

The Scouts looked at the very, very different Sarina.

“Oh .. – my .. - goodness!”, says Sailor Jupiter.
“Has,… has she been working out?!”, says Sailor Venus.
“Is that really Sarina? Our Sarina?”, says Sailor Mercury who began to blush.
“Mrrrrr!”, *Pop!*, says Sailor Mars.

Where normally, the quintessential girly, soft feminine body of Sarina would be, a rigorously toned physique was showing. Her muscles now full of strength and vigor swelled to give her a sensual and powerful look.

“She’s so,… So pumped!”, says Sailor Mercury unconsciously waving her hand in a fanning motion.

Sailor Venus looked curiously at Ami, “Oh…. no…. You’re gaying out on me aren’t you? Ami? Heelllloooo?”. Mina moved her hand in front on Ami’s face and waved it up and down. “Oh come on, I would have expected this from Jupiter, but never you… Hellooo? Ami? Are you there?”

Sailor Jupiter girlishy waved her hands backward and forward. “Oh-my-golly-gosh-banana-pops!”

Sailor Mars underneath her slime blanket could say but one thing, “Mrrrrrr!”, *Pop!*

“Everyone’s gone mad. I’m sure of it.”, says Venus. Assigning herself to the moment , Mina turned her gaze back to the scene playing out.

Sarina knelt low and picked up a nearby metal trash bin lid. Ami, Rae and Lita watched the muscles in Sarina’s leg tense and bulge as she rested her weight upon it. Sweat trickled down her back glistening in the artificial street lights. Sarina then positioned the lid over her left arm and wore it like a small shield.

“Who knew she was, was, so, so,,, tough looking.”, says Ami.

Mina who had given up on her friend looked at Sailor Moon and then realization set in, “I don’t believe this,… she’s not is she?”, Sailor Venus shook her head slowly from side to side. “You’re not going to do that are you?… Please tell me you’re not going to do what I think you are going to do.”

Sailor Dark Moon tensed her muscles as if strengthening and tightening them further her impressive form making her look like a lean, running fighter. Sailor Jupiter waved her hands feverishly backward and forward like a child in rapture.

Sarina held aloft the long metal fence post and drew the trash bin shield the other side.

“ Please Sarina.”, said Sailor Venus to herself, “This isn’t Sparta you know. Have –some- dignity.”

Sarina’s right hand slapped onto her front and her fingers gripped around the center of her bra.

“I know it. They’ve all gone mad. I’m the only sane one here.”, says Sailor Venus.

And then…

(Stay tuned viewers for more exciting action, of Sailor Moon goes Terminal! :) )
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