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May 11, 2008
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Sailor Moon Part 10 by Foxi-5 Sailor Moon Part 10 by Foxi-5
You're currently viewing Part 10 of a continuing story.

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* Sailor Dark Moon Cometh! * (Insert many hazard signs here!!! :) ) *

Luna the giant beast cat leapt high over the Sailor Scouts and raised her claws to strike down the terrifying Zombie Queen.

As she was about to deliver a blow with the full velocity of crystalline magic claws the monster nimbly swayed to the side, dodging the flying cat. Before Luna could think to right herself the creature’s flowing tendrils wrapped tightly around her legs and sent her on a misshapen trajectory into a large shop front window.

*CRAS-S-S-H-H-H!!!* Went the panes of glass and supporting metal as Luna was sent careening through them.

Before the creature could retaliate further the Sailor Scouts were battering the Zombie Queen with whatever magic they could summon. But as it seemed, the creature was far too quick and agile to be struck. It dodged and weaved with ease, it’s sinister smile growing more broad as the girls confronted it.

Sailor Moon let go of the mini guns trigger and watched carefully at what was happening. Mars’s fireballs were too slow, as was Venus’s chain and Mercury’s Bubble smash. Jupiter’s Lightening strike was blocked by the creature as it raised many corpses above itself to bare the brunt of the energy.

“This really isn’t going to work”, said Sarina as she started up the mini gun.
V-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e!!! Went the cannon. Bullets riddled the creature’s body, piercing straight through it’s bony and leathery skin. But as Sarina and the others looked on, no harm was inflicted. The ghoulish monster seemed to be made of an amorphous plasticine where the large bullet holes sealed up almost instantaneously.

“What can we do?”, says Sailor Venus, “It’s too strong for us!”
Before anybody could answer, the cackling monster was lifting corpses high into the air with it’s many claws and hands.

“Oh no! Duck!”, says Sailor Mercury.
With the large gun in her hands Sarina didn’t move fast enough, neither did Sailor Mars. Two half digested, half bullet destroyed corpses rammed into the two girls sending them flying backwards. Sarina lost her canon in the shock moment and fell hard onto the road. Sailor Mars was thrown far landing on her back, her squeals of dread were muffled until she managed to push the half torso off her head. She then rolled over, crouched on her hand and knees and proceeded to spit out giblets of grey. Sarina righted herself and began to wipe the goo off which clung to her outfit. The road rash on her bottom didn’t feel good either.

“That filthy slu-“, says Sarina.
“-Duck!”, yells Sailor Mercury.

Sarina instinctively rolled to the side while Sailor Mars copped another torso from behind, on her behind. Luckily the soft corpse burst into a splattering fountain leaving Sailor Mars in a veritable shower of grey mash and slime.
Sailor Mars now resembled a lump from a slime pit reeking of thousand year old mud fungus. “Whahahah!”

“Sarina! We don’t know what to do? It’s too fast and powerful.”, says Sailor Venus.

Sailor Jupiter’s furious assaults were at least buying them precious moments. The Zombie Queen would shield herself with undead bodies instead of using them as projectiles.

“I’m not sure we can defeat this without Darion.”, says Sailor Mercury.

“No.. No.. Give me a minute.”, says Sailor Moon dispassionately as she wipes off the smelly grey funk. She then picks up the mini gun once more and sent the barrels rolling. “Cover me!”
The girls took the lead while Sarina aimed the gun at a nearby store front.
She squeezed the trigger and bullets pounded into the glass and concrete, sending chips and fragments into the air.
Sarina tossed the gun away, collected her long fence post and ran into the shop.

The girls could hear a lot of thumping, crashing and swearing as Sailor Moon shifted around inside the darkened shop.
Sailor Jupiter and Venus were assailing the creature while Mercury assisted in the hastened cleaning of Mars.
Now finished Sarina kicked off the remaining door of the jewelry shop she had just been in. Holding aloft the long fence post it was still covered in blue alien blood, additionally it was sheathed in layers and coils of silver trinkets, bands and necklaces.

The girls beheld Sailor Moon, even the Zombie Queen took a moment to look on in silence, her outfit had been changed to suede black, the red ribbons were now a striking gold and small scythe blade earrings replaced her half moon crescents. Sarina gritted her teeth and snarled, her hands tensed and twisted over the pole as she looked in fury at the monster.

“Where did she get those brass knuckles from?”, said Sailor Venus.
“I think they are part of her outfit.”, says Sailor Jupiter.

Sarina spoke with venom to the hideous Zombie Monster, "Youv'e caught me at a good time... It's payback day you maggot!”.

(Bah, too dumb to write at the moment, so much happening, a lot good, a lot bad, my life is something akin to a battlefield just now. I'll have to do the link tomorrow, no net speed... Appologies, it's not that good today.)
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