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July 28, 2012
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Luna's Aircraft by Foxi-5 Luna's Aircraft by Foxi-5
Another speedy drawn picture.

Named: The Nightblade.

With thanks to :iconhusksummers: for helping.

Explanation of the image:
Unfortunately the ‘Moon Shooter’ calmative Celestia had taken earlier had somehow elevated her mood in a most negative fashion, whether it was the double dose, Derpy fetching the ingredients or some other magical anomaly, Twilight couldn’t decide. The only comfort she felt was that being this high up, no one could hear Celestia’s unusual, un-ponylike speech.
“You knows!”, bellowed Celestia to Luna’s approaching craft, “Juss becausss you – were, *HIC!* Starswirl’s favrit, doesn’ttt mean you’re better thun me! *HIC!*… I Know *HIC* I know what yur trying to do. *HIC*”
‘Oh god, here it comes’, thought Twighlight anxiously.


“Look Princess Luna! It’s Twilight and Celestia coming to visit us!”, says an elated Pip, “I think she is waving at us.”
“Tis a good day indeed Squire Pip!”, says Luna.
“Rip it Princess!”, says Pip
“Throttle up, hold on Pip!”, says Luna.


“Yuu S-N-N-N-A-A-A-K-K-K-E-E-E!”, yelled Celestia pointing at the passing aircraft. “S-N-N-N-A-A-A-K-K-K-E-E-E!”


After experiencing the tension and the constrained personalities of the two princesses when around one another, , Twilight was starting to catch a glimpse of the original conflict that drove the two apart. ‘Who really was jealous of who first?’, she wondered.
‘No one must ever know of this.’, thought Twilight shaking her head…

(Yes you may repost elsewhere, however, it's not to be used for commercial purposes)
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It's official everything you make is now on Alucard's Christmas list. I mean EVERYTHING.
Ponies and Jets? BADASS!!!
"SR-71 online"

eclipce souns better....
:iconpilotsolaris::iconsaysplz: Initially intended as a recon craft then repurposed as a heavy bomber, the "Nightblade"-Class Heavy Bomber is designed specifically for Hive destruction. It can carry a powerful load of up to 60 MT and has several heavy machine guns mounted on its fuselage, allowing it to take on any Changeling fighters foolish enough to try and charge it head-on; however, escorts are still required to take on any other fighters that engage it.
Lacking technology for the helicopter, I hardly recognized him and another thing, where is Equestria or Canterlot finally have hands but can not do "something" ... at times the culture is more detrimental than good, I know it's imagination.
Celestia expresion priceles
I like the plane even though it looks like the SR-71 but that plane is a huge inspirational to many. so good job
Yep, that was my poni-fied tribute to it. Down to the stickers as well.
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